Quick And Easy Conveyancing

Quick Conveyancing

Quick Conveyancing

For a property transaction, there are some things that need to take place for quick and easy conveyancing. The average time for conveyance to complete that requires mortgage finance is three months. It can take less depending on the amount of checks and proofs needed to be verified by the lender. If you have an excellent credit score and a large deposit, it is a lot easier to get accepted. If buying a house for cash, it is possible to exchange on the same day in a large number of cases. Fast housing solicitors are needed for new-build deals.

Conveyance Process For Quick Conveyancing

There are a large number of different types of conveyancing transactions. Some of these require specialist skills to deal with tricky legalities. Our panel cover every type, from buy to let, remortgage, new buy, residential, leasehold, freehold, commercial and many more. The general process is divided into the following three parts:

Part 1. Pre-Contracts

A great deal of information and paperwork is required to complete this stage. It is why it typically is the longest part of the transaction.

You need a quick and easy conveyancer if you are buying or selling a property.

A draft contract is drawn up by the seller`s quick conveyancer and sent to the buyers side. Detailed in it is information about the parties involved, the price agreed, title deeds and any legal documentation required to prove ownership.

Once the buyer`s quick conveyancer receives the draft contract, they will inspect it meticulously. If they have any questions, these will be raised on the sellers side.

Further information gathering through sending off for searches and raising questions with third parties will be conducted by the buyers lawyer.

The buyer`s conveyance will then deal with the financial side of the transaction. If a mortgage is being used, they will need the purchasers to sign the mortgage deed.

Once all questions and information gathered and both parties are happy with the outcome, an exchange date is set. A deposit will be required by the purchaser that is paid on the date the exchange of contracts takes place.

Part 2. Post Contact

To complete the post contract stage, the following takes place:

A draft purchase deed is drawn up by the persons buying conveyance lawyer. It is then sent the-the seller’s conveyancer for approval. Once approved a copy of this is signed by the purchaser and seller.

If mortgage finance is being used to buy the property, the purchaser conveyance lawyer will arrange with the lender the details for payments and dates. If a mortgage is on the property being sold, the seller conveyancer will request the amount owed so that it can be paid and discharged on completion.

The completion stage now takes place, and the purchaser’s conveyancer will transfer the money to the buyers conveyance. Once received the property transfers ownership to the new home owner.

Stage 3. Post Completion

Once the buyer`s property solicitor receives the mortgage discharge receipt, they will arrange for payment of land taxes due. They will then also make an application for the land registration.

Tips For Choosing The Best Quick Conveyancers

To complete a conveyancing transaction is takes a lot of hours. It is why you are best hiring a fixed fee conveyancer, so you are not overcharged.

Using a quick conveyancing company that offers a no sale, no fee agreement will safeguard you. No money is required to be paid to the lawyer is the sale does not complete.

Do not hire a conveyancer due to a recommendation by an estate agent. Get four or five quotes first and read user reviews. It is the fastest and easiest way to find the cheapest prices from reputable firms.

Quick Conveyance Quotes

Our system is designed to provide people searching for a conveyancing solicitors in the UK, quick and easy access to free no obligation quotes. We have the largest panel of conveyancers to choose from, and it take seconds to get quotations.